Shipping of Amish Furniture - How Will it Reach You?

Many Amish furniture retailers use state of the art packing material to ensure sage transportation of the ordered items. Before packing, the furniture is physically inspected for any imperfections such as dents or scratches and after being satisfied that all is in order and as per specifications, the furniture is packed using Foam in Place technology. First, a film is placed on the furniture and then a foam in a liquid form is dispensed which then takes the shape of the furniture and sets, so that each item of furniture is fully protected while being shipped. This as well as other packing materials are used to ensure that the furniture that reaches you is intact and in the best condition that it can be.

Delivery Options:

If ordering Amish handcrafted online amish furniture, which is to be delivered to your home or office, one can choose the mode of delivery from among Curbside delivery or White Glove delivery:

As the term indicates, Curbside Delivery is when the furniture is delivered to your doorstep by the shipping company. Typically this kind of delivery does not place the furniture inside your home or office; it is the responsibility of the shipper only to see that the furniture reaches you and is delivered to the address specified. Though this kind of shipping is cheaper, it does not ensure that the furniture will reach you in its assembled state or that it will be placed in the area and manner you want.

If you have bought things like a dining table or a bed or a dining hutch, these items will require assembly, which will also be done by the delivery personnel. When shipped, the table top and base are usually packed separately and assembled at point of delivery.

Depending upon a shipper and also the kind of delivery, guarantees may be offered against damage to the furniture which may include repairing the item, selling the items for salvage, or replacing the item.

So when ordering online Amish Direct Furniture , one may rest assured that the furniture will reach you in the best condition, all proper care having been taken to see that it does.